In 2021 we were delighted to get the opportunity to invest in equipment which has enabled us to start up our own production of biscuits, including Oatcakes and Shortbread. We named our new product range Baikie’s Biscuits after our sister shop & bakery in Finstown, Orkney.

The range includes our own traditional recipe oatcakes, as well as a wider range of flavoured oatcakes and shortbreads.
Rice Biscuits are also a popular choice in the range, at the moment exclusively made for our two shops using the traditional recipe used in the Baikie’s Stores bakery almost 20 years ago!

We also produce a range of four different types of biscuits made for the Barony Mill, all using the ancient grain beremeal. More information on the Barony Mill & beremeal can be found at their website

All of our ranges can be found in either of our shops, as well as other stockists around Orkney.

We have been so excited about this new part of our business and we really hope you enjoy our new biscuit range as much as we do making them!

As part of Baikie’s Biscuits we can also offer a pillow pack of two bits of shortbread for your hospitality business. This can include a personalised label with your logo. These are offered in boxes of 50 x 2 packs. If interested you can contact us at